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Accomplished visual storyteller who lives to use video, photography & interactive media to bring stories to life


Enthusiastic collaborator known for quick, decisive and compelling work


Collaborated on projects that have screened at Sundance & Tribeca Film Festivals, PBS American Masters, HBO, RAI TV and more
Client Testimonials

“Craig produced a 9 minute short film to promote our ecotourism project in the Amazon. He was involved in all aspects of the project, from planning and conceptualization to editing and finishing. The project was complicated, involving shooting on-location in the Amazon, working in a language Craig did not speak, and completing post production internationally. He collaborated well with us, always maintaining a clear focus on providing us with a piece that met our needs.”

Davide Pompermaier

Unidade de Negócios Sociais, Projeto Saúde and Alegria

Mr. Mieritz was our colorist for Manufacturing Stoke, a feature length documentary, shot on HD. We used his expertise and skills to achieve a beautiful look for our film. He is a true collaborator, who will listen and bring good ideas to the coloring session. We were on a tight schedule but finished on time without compromising on the look. His work was outstanding and the success of our film is part due to his great work. Hopefully until the next project again! Thank you Craig.

Maximilian Schmige

Director of Photography

We turned to Craig to color grade our documentary film.

Craig was able to remove noise from the image, which I thought wasn’t even possible to remove. Our film was about a piano bar, so lots of the shots were underlit and had lots of chroma and luminance noise in them. Craig also made sure that the overall color reinforced a nostalgic mood and feel, and our interview subjects ended up looking gorgeous, without them loosing their natural skin tone. Craig was very easy to work with, and despite his busy schedule he delivered our project on time. I can only recommend Craig to grade your film!”

Carlo Kamin

Documentary Film and Corporate Video Editor

Craig’s work was excellent. He took a project with mixed video formats and made the most amazing improvements in color with the precision of a professional. He worked with an inexperienced editor in a great collaborative fashion, filling in holes in my knowledge in a kind and understanding way. The final product looked beautiful, especially compared to how it looked before Craig got his hands on it.

Ben Leon

Director of Photography and Editor, Smut Capital of America (Film)

Craig Mieritz is an exacting colorist who, on my project, was able to make things look like they should have looked out of the camera. He knows which inherent colors within each scene were likely to have been present at the time of shooting and restores those colors using an array to sophisticated tools in his studio. The location is handy in the Bay Area, and he lets you raid his refrigerator.

John Dentino

Producer and Director, Shadows + Clouds Productions